Atmosphére CFW recibe la actualización 0.8.6

SciresM ha publicado una nueva versión de su CFW para la consola Nintendo Switch que se centra en solventar numerosos fallos y errores que se han hallado.

Atmosphére 0.8.6 ya está disponible a través de su Github Oficial que encontraréis a través del enlace. No hay ningún cambio destacable en esta versión 0.8.6 para el usuario final o estándar del CFW, no bstante si algún lector quiere conocer los cambios producidos en Atmosphére os los dejamos al final del post.

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Cambios de Atmosphére CFW 0.8.6

  • A number of bugs were fixed, including:
    • A case of inverted logic was fixed in fs.mitm which prevented the flags system from working correctly.
    • Time service access was corrected in both creport/fatal.
      • This fixes the timestamps used in fatal/crash report filenames.
    • A coherency issue was fixed in exosphère’s Security Engine driver.
      • This fixes some instability issues encountered when overclocking the CPU.
    • Loader now unmaps NROs correctly, when ldr:ro is used.
      • This fixes a crash when repeatedly launching the web applet on < 3.0.0.
    • Usage of hidKeysDown was corrected to hidKeysHeld in several modules.
      • This fixes a rare issue where keypresses may have been incorrectly detected.
    • An issue with code filesystem unmounting was fixed in loader.
      • This issue could occasionally cause a fatal error 0x1015 to be thrown on boot.
    • Two bugs were fixed in the implementations of dmnt’s cheat virtual machine.
      • These could cause cheats to work incorrectly under certain circumstances.
    • PM now uses a static buffer instead of a dynamically allocated one during process launch.
      • This fixes a memory exhaustion problem when building with gcc 8.3.0.
    • A workaround for a deadlock bug in Horizon’s kernel on >= 6.0.0 was added in dmnt.
      • This prevents a system hang when booting certain titles with cheats enabled (ex: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe).
    • set.mitm now reads the system firmware version directly from the system version archive, instead of calling into set:sys.
      • This fixes compatibility with 1.0.0, which now successfully boots again.
  • dmnt’s cheat virtual machine had some instruction set changes.
    • A new opcode was added for beginning conditional blocks based on register contents.
    • More addressing modes were added to the StoreRegisterToAddress opcode.
    • These should allow for more complex cheats to be implemented.
  • A new system for saving the state of cheat toggles between game boots was added.
    • Toggles are now saved to atmosphere/titles/<title id>/cheats/toggles.txt when either toggles were successfully loaded from that file or the system setting atmosphere!dmnt_always_save_cheat_toggles is non-zero.
    • This removes the need for manually setting cheats from all-on or all-off to the desired state on each game boot.
  • The default behavior for loader’s HBL support was changed.
    • Instead of launching HBL when album is launched without R held, loader now launches HBL when album or any game is launched with R held.
    • Loader will now override any app in addition to a specific title id when hbl_config!override_any_app is true in loader.ini.
      • Accordingly, the hbl_config!title_id=app setting was deprecated. Support will be removed in Atmosphère 0.9.0.
  • First-class support was added to loader and fs.mitm for enabling homebrew to launch web applets.
    • Loader will now cause the “HtmlDocument” NCA path to resolve for whatever title HBL is taking over, even if it would not normally do so.
    • fs.mitm will also now cause requests to mount the HtmlDocument content for HBL’s title to open the sdmc:/atmosphere/hbl_html folder.
      • By default, this just contains a URL whitelist.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.
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